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FAQ about Gingertree International School

Most children experience separation anxiety when they are apart from their parents for the first time at preschool. Although children sometimes cry while they get used to school life, rest assured, in time they gradually become used to foreign school teachers and school life and are able to participate happily.
We accept children who are still in diapers. We will carefully watch your child’s situation and will consult with you when to start toilet training. During training, we will frequently discuss progress with you until toilet training is complete.
Gingertree International School has a full-day program of 5 hours a day based on a 40-week curriculum at 5 days a week. However, for our Missy Mouse class for 2 to 3 year-olds, children can begin by joining our half-day program from 3 days per week. For our Robby Rabbit class for 3 to 4 year-olds and our Deedee Deer class for 4 to 6 year-olds, full-day attendance is required.
Yes. We have bilingual Japanese staff at the school who will help you communicate with the foreign teachers. During parent-teacher conferences, Japanese speaking staff will interpret if necessary.
Our teachers are native English speakers or native equivalent. Our teachers have completed the official Zoo-phonics training, are certified, and have a wealth of infant child care experience.
Yes. Provided there is room in the class, you can enroll even in the middle of the year.
Yes, we offer a free trial lesson. Before deciding to enroll, provided your child is more than 2 years of age, you and your child will be able to participate in an actual preschool class. Parents will see the lesson and we will explain our programs and policies. Because the trial lesson is on a reservation system, please contact the school directly.
If your child isn’t 2 years old yet, only parents are allowed to visit our school at first. Once your child turns 2, please come again with your child for a free trial lesson.
Yes. Firstly, we will ask you to join a free trial in a class suitable for your child’s level. Please inform us of the details of your child’s English learning experience when you make an appointment. During the trial, the teacher will assess the child’s conversation ability and reading and writing level. Our academic level can be somewhat advanced compared to other schools. In addition, we feel it is important to carefully build a strong academic foundation rather than studying random difficult contents without fully understanding the concepts and details. In this case, it may be advisable to enroll in a lower grade class to build and develop a strong foundation first.
Yes. Depending on the weather, we try to go out to the neighborhood park and play freely every day.
We introduce western culture in the curriculum throughout the year, which we have events for children to experience and learn, such as Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Also parents are invited to participate in class excursions, sports day, performances, class visits, etc., to see the growth of your children first hand.
Yes. We offer advanced levels of study for our graduates and native level returnee students. We have a conversation class and a grammar & writing class. We recommend taking 2 classes in order to continue to improve the English proficiency already fostered.

FAQ about ESL Classes

We do not have a test for admission, however your child must participate in a lesson before actually joining a class.
Yes. Children will be given a range of level appropriate homework every lesson. Comprehension is reinforced by reviewing what was learned in class, at home. Also, once or twice a year, depending on level, there are assessment tests to confirm if students fully understood the lessons to date and if they are able to proceed to the next level of study.
Kindergarten and elementary school students, depending on level, mainly use textbook materials for conversation, original teaching materials from Zoo-phonics Academy and imported teaching materials from Zoo-phonics, USA. We will explain to you in detail our teaching materials for each level at the trial lesson.
For all classes, our one-year curriculum starts in April and finishes in March of the following year. Basically, after completing one year of curriculum, children will proceed to the next level at the same time.
Yes. You must take a free trial lesson before admission. Your child must participate in actual class lessons, which parents will also be able to observe. After the lesson, the staff will explain everything in detail. Contact the school directly to make a reservation for a trial lesson.
In April, for first graders entering elementary school and for children entering kindergarten for the first time, ‘free trial lessons’ are available from the end of January to the end of March. Elementary school trial lessons are 30 minutes long and kindergarten trial lessons are 40 minutes. The trial lesson schedule will be posted in January. For details, please contact the school directly.
Please inform us of your child’s previous English experience in detail when you make an appointment. We will be able to introduce you to an appropriate class. The teacher will assess your child’s English level during the trial lesson. After the trial lesson, we will explain class availability, scheduling and other details to you.
Our teachers are native English speakers or native equivalent. As a general rule, Japanese is not used in class. Additionally, all of our teachers have completed the official Zoo-phonics training, are certified, and have extensive experience in children’s English education.
Our school is an authorized school for the United Nations Association’s Test of English. Children who have studied more than 1 year are advised to take the UN Junior English Test (Junior Eiken). The United Nations Association’s Test of English Junior Test, courses A to E, are held twice a year at our school. Practice classes are available to prepare for the test.
Summer school and spring school are available for kindergarten children during summer vacation and spring break. Detailed information will be announced before each season.
In case of personal circumstances, up to one lesson per month can be transferred to a class of the same level and where seats are still available. Please make a reservation in advance.
Yes. Half the admission fee will be discounted for the second child, and the third child’s admission fee will be waived for siblings taking “elementary class” or “kindergarten class” respectively. In addition, we will discount 10% of the monthly tuition fee for the older child. Please note that sibling discounts are not available when one sibling is enrolled in “Gingertree International School” and another sibling attends the kindergarten or elementary school program.


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