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Summer School is a Blast!

We have been having a great time here at Zoo-phonics with our first two weeks of summer school. It has been a whole barrel of fun playing and learning with our regular students, and our visitors from outside the school.

For week one we saddled up our broncos, strapped on our spurs and rode into the desert sunset with our Wild, Wild West theme! We made great cowboy and cowgirl costumes, learned how to lasso a steer, tossed some horseshoes around and even learned to square dance. Yee-haw pardners!

Home, home on the range
Toss those horseshoes!
A ball-throwing rodeo!
Learning about cacti
Lasso those stuffed animals!

Week two saw us traveling to the other side of the planet and back thousands of years for our Egypt theme! We learned all about pyramids and pharaohs, wrapped ourselves up like mummies and learned about hieroglyphics. We had a great time by the Nile in real Egyptian style!

Our school will be closed for two weeks for summer break, but we will be back again soon with two more weeks of fun-filled summer school action! Join us, won’t you?


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